Sunday, February 6, 2011

TTYL, Sydney

So today I just finished checking out of my hostel in Sydney and dropped my GIANT red suite case off at the Work and Holiday place so I can go travel for a month! It's still early here and my bus doesn't leave for Byron Bay until 7pm so I have a lot of time to kill which will probably be spent back at the hostel reading American Psycho which I just started or relaxing on the deck by the pool. I am SO excited to be leaving Sydney for awhile and I made a bunch of friends who will still be here when I get back which is a comforting thought. My new official travel plan is to see Byron Bay, Nimbin and anything else in that area that sounds cool, then go to Fraser Island, and then head back to the Sydney area and see the vineyards in the Hunter Valley. Once I make my way back here I want to try to find a place to live in one of the surrounding suburbs because they're cheaper and have better job opportunities.

I've done a lot since my last post and still haven't taken a single picture with my camera. I know, major fail, but I always forget to take it with me places and when I have it there's nothing exciting to take pictures of. This is a bad habit I know I need to break but I've NEVER been the one to take tons of pictures (or any for that matter) so bare with me.

Last night was the Chinese New Year Parade which was cool for about 10 minutes and then it's pretty boring because you can't really see anything and it's a lot of the same stuff. It's the year of the rabbit which I THINK was when we were born (we being people from '88) but I'm not 100% sure.

Other than the parade I spent yesterday doing laundry and packing. Oh!! I almost forgot! I saw a bar fight last night. So me and this girl Sam who's in my room and who I've been hanging out with a lot went to Scubar, the bar right below my hostel, for some drinks and to play some pool. There was probably no more than 10 people in the bar at any given point because it was a Sunday and this one Aussie came up to us (CLEARLY intoxicated) and wanted to play pool. We said sure at first not thinking anything of it. He turned out to be a HUGE drunken douche. He wouldn't stop calling people the c word, he insulted me in many ways and kept being rude to everyone around. He was buying everyone drinks and wasn't out of control, just rude, so we just sort of ignored it. Then this one guy who wasn't drunk but apparently had a huge attitude got in his face and next think I know my drink got knocked out of my hand, the table fell over where we were sitting (don't worry guys, my phone almost got drowned but I saved it) and my friend Sam who's a cop back home was dragging him out of the bar. I was totally fine, no one even touched me, so don't worry, but there was broken glass everywhere and everything happened really fast. The bartenders said that almost every Sunday they get one local guy like that who causes a scene. I'm not judging any Aussie's based on his behavior though because everyone else I've met so far has been very nice and not rude at all.

So what a way to go, huh? I'm off to grab some breakfast and then chill out like I said. I finally got to skype with Katie and my dad yesterday which was SOOOO nice!!! I miss you all soo much!! Please let me know if you want your own skype date and that can easily be arranged :)

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  1. Never have i ever---seen a real bar fight.

    LOVED talking to you saturday!!! Hope you have a great bus ride, and that everything goes smoothly!