Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fraser Island

So I’m off Fraser Island and back in Hervey bay. Fraser was SUCH a great experience. I met so many cool people (and a couple of not cool people, but that happens everywhere- no point in dwelling on the negative) and had a lot of fun getting to see and do everything. After a certain point I really felt like I was on the island from Lost. There is even a shipwreck on Fraser! Unfortunately I think my camera is dunzo, but I did try to take a few pictures on my phone. Anyone know if those get automatically saved to my memory card (*cough*Melissa*cough*)? Like, if I put by blackberry’s memory card in my card reader will the pictures show up on my computer to post? If not, you will all just have to wait until I get a data plan for my phone and post them that way.

I’m spending the day in Hervey bay because I haven’t booked my next travel plans yet. Once I wake up a little more (it’s only 9am here) I’m going to book a greyhound bus to Brisbane and a couple nights in a hostel there. I was hoping to be in the Hunter Valley for my birthday, but if I stick to my plan, it looks like I’ll actually be in Newcastle. Se la vie. Wherever I am, I’m sure I’ll have a good time. Positive thinking goes a long way…

While I was still on Fraser Island I got to talk to this one Swiss guy about life, traveling, relationships, etc. and it was a really nice talk. I felt like I was back in Mr. Dickerman’s philosophy class at BHS. He had a lot of insight into himself that most guys never seem to find. I have met so many interesting people during my travels and I love getting to hear everyone’s opinions on life and the world. Most of you said I was very brave for traveling alone and leaving my home and friends and family behind for a year, but I don’t really see it like that. Traveling, and most importantly traveling alone, has been extremely therapeutic for me. I really didn’t have a whole lot going for me back home and felt very lost and depressed. Being here by myself hasn’t ever felt lonely or sad. Sure, I do have moments when I get caught up in the world I left behind, but they always pass, and if anything, thinking about it here allows me to have a clearer head on the issue. I promise you, it is not terrifying to do what I am doing, and everyone has it in them to put themselves in my shoes and go on their own adventure. It doesn’t need to be traveling (though I highly recommend it) but I think it’s so important for people to take the time to get to know themselves. Any fears you may have about that will vanish the second you realize how much good you will actually get out of the experience. 

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  1. leaaahhh loveeeee, ur pics are most likely set to save automatically to memory card, but i'll have to check the settings with you via skype.... COUGH COUGH SOON!!?!??!?!? and *c'est la vie

    <3 ! :)