Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I’ve been very bad at posting updates to my blog. I suppose I just don’t have as much to say now that I’m settled and sort of into a routine. That and a lot of the stuff I want to write about I’m sick of thinking about. Right now I am happy. And it’s been a long time since I could say that. For the first time in my life I have no responsibilities, no one to answer to, and I am taking complete advantage of it. My life is essential college without the classes and/or part time job. And what’s wrong with that? Whose idea was it that we shouldn’t enjoy our lives while we can instead of doing what we have been told is the right thing to do and what we’re supposed to do? I’m not saying I plan on quitting life forever and not getting a ‘real job’ but why is it so taboo to take time off? And there’s that whole ‘real job’ thing too. I have NO clue what I want to do after all of this (and thankfully I don’t have to think about it for a long time still) but when I do occasionally think about it out of habit I just assume I’ll continue my search the same as I was when I was home and no time had passed- writing cover letters, sending out my resume, and using any and all contacts I have to get in somewhere, anywhere. I honestly haven’t been putting thought into that subject at all while here- I’m not sure what made me jump to that. I just want to end up doing something I love. Money ruins everything. I am so fortunate that I have worked my butt off and saved so I can do this, but I know people doing it on MUCH less.

Also, I’ve been doing an insane amount of reading while here. I just started 1984 (well, I started it 2 days ago and have read two thirds of it already) and wow what a mindfuck. I always knew it was but I’ve never actually read it so I figured why not? I’m loving it, needless to say, but it’s pretty dense. It definitely has made me stop and think about a lot. I’ve read 8 books since I’ve been out here and next on my list is The Book Thief. If anyone has any suggestions for what to read after that I’m all ears! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"And I Will Write it Down For You"

For those who don't immediately recognize, the title of this post is from a Something Corporate song called "Miss America". That song just came on shuffle as I sit here being unproductive so I figured at the very least I owe my friends and family a blog update. To be perfectly honest, my life has taken on somewhat of a routine, which is why I've been lacking on the blog updates. There just isn't much exciting stuff to talk about anymore. Also, a lot of the adventures I've gone on have not been anything I feel like sharing on the internet. I've been having a lot of fun nights going out with my new roomies and stuff, St. Patty's day was especially fun. It's also nice (and makes me extremely nostalgic) waking up with friends and recapping the night before and laughing at our belligerentness. It makes me miss college and waking up from a night out only to crawl into Katie's bed and piece the night together before going to Annie's or the bistro for something to eat. Here, sausage rolls are the breakky of choice after a night out and I swear when I come back to America the first thing I'm gonna do is open up a sausage roll shop and I'm gonna make millions. They're basically ground sausage wrapped in a flaky pasty (I imagine them to be what hot pockets would taste like if they weren't shit). On the other hand, people in Australia (and apparently around the world) don't have solo cups. WTF?!?!!? Like, my Irish roomie asked me the other day, "so what's up with all the red cups in America?" It blew my mind to say the least. How do they play beirut? or flip cup? what's the middle cup in kings? how do you distribute beer at parties? or bbq's? or beer-bq's? This was 2 days ago and as you can see I'm still trying to process that bit of info. Also, British people call wallets purses and a purse is just a bag. And at the end of a sentence what we call a period they call a full stop. And a crosswalk is a zebra crossing. The worst part is I'm outnumbered by about 500 to 1 since there aren't any other American's in almost all of Australia so I look like the weirdo when really, we all know it's them.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So it's been awhile and I've been having a fantastic time, but I figured you all deserved an update. I love Glebe. I love my room and this place is wicked chill. Aside from Emma, there's another English girl in my room, Lucy, and an Irish girl, April. They are fantastic. April is a tiny little thing and I don't know how she fits so much personality in such a small space. She's hilarious and has started calling me America haha. She also has a boyfriend who is a chef and is making us a 3 course gourmet dinner tonight. I still haven't started this whole job search thing- it's so easy to say I'll do it tomorrow, but tomorrow has turned into a week so I might have to actually get my shit together soon. OK- I know this was very short but I just don't have much to say. I have lots of little stories about adventures but they're not anything I want to end up on the internet...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Not Homeless!!

So I have officially moved into my new temporary home at the Rooftops Travelers Lodge in Glebe. It's another hostle, but they do longterm stays. I'm currently booked in for 4 weeks but I'll probably stay longer- it all depends on finding a job and if I could find a better living situation. I have 3 other girls in my room, Emma beign one of them. I was just SO happy to finally unpack and have a palce to call home agian. I've even made a CV and applied for a job- only one, but that's a start! I went grocery shopping today too which also made me extremely happy, but I'd say my favorite part of today was when I straightened my hair!!!!!!! It's been 6 weeks since I've been able to do that and as you all know, my hair is ALWAYS straight at home so it's been tortorous for me to have it either curly or up in a ponytail all the time. I also went and ran some errends that included getting a pillow and a flashlight and I wanted to go to Target (yes they have them here!!! #brandloyalty- can you tell I miss twitter?) but K-Mart was much cheeper. Tonight we're gonna go to trivia at the bar across the street, but for now I'm doing laundry and being lazy. I know this was short, and perhaps I'll do a more detailed post later but I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I miss you all more than you know!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hunter Valley

I don’t really feel like blogging right now, but I’m just hanging out waiting to go get lunch and then go to the zoo so why not. I’m at the Hunter Valley and I have fallen in love with Australia and wine all over again. We took the bus here and before we could even check into the hostel we went on our first stop of wine tastings for the day. We went to four places all together and this one was probably my least favorite overall. It was all massed produced wine with gift shops and expensive shitty blends infused with fruit for the tourists. The other 3 places we visited were all locally grown and produced in the Hunter Valley and you could taste a difference. My favorite was the third one we visited and I got a DELICIOUS bottle of white wine. I know, I normally go for the red but this was aged perfectly and for discounted price of only $24 I couldn’t leave without it. We’re still here all day today and for most of tomorrow so I’m sure I’ll find a nice bottle of red by then- probably a shiraz since it’s so popular here. I also learned that apparently I have a developed palate and I can thank my parents for always letting me have “just a small sip” of their wine since as long as I can remember. Without them I would not have the same appreciation for this delicious drink so thanks mom and dad!

We also did a cheese tasting and oh my God you have not tasted cheese until you go to the Smelly Cheese Shop in the Hunter Valley and sample anything and everything they have. I WISH I had a permanent refrigerator because I would have bought them out of business. We might try to go back before we leave to sample more delicious stinky cheeses.

The wine, food and views here and breathtaking. If you are a fan of wine you cannot go through life without coming to Australia and visiting any one of the many wine areas here. Again, I’m sorry I don’t have a camera to share all of this with you, but Emma has been taking pictures and I have gotten her permission for you to add her as a friend on facebook so you can comment on them. 

Lost In Translation

March 3, 2011

I feel like I don’t know where to begin this one. This is such a weird time in my life and there have been a few times recently when I’ve really wished I had someone here who spoke my language. Everyone speaks English (for the most part) because it’s Australia (duh) but no one speaks American. Especially in the group of people I hang out with who are all from the UK. I never realized how something so small could make me feel so homesick. I tried to explain to them what a biddie was the other day and really struggled- especially without one nearby to point out as an example.

Also, and I don’t mean to offend any of my new friends incase they are reading this because I do love them and have so much fun when we’re together, but I need to meet new people. As most of you know, I am a social butterfly. When I go out to parties with friends, I’m the one that immediately disappears and goes off on my own adventure making friends with anyone who is willing. As comforting as it is to have a group that I belong to and people that I can call up everyday when I’m bored to just sit with and find something to do, I want to go out and meet new people. I know, I can take the initiative here and just go out and on my own, but it’s easier to do these things in a group. It’s extremely intimidating (and not necessarily socially acceptable) to go to the bar alone and just approach random strangers. Doing this in a hostel is one thing- which I loved about the traveling I did. I suppose this is one of the drawbacks to starting to settle down in one place.

On a very different note, I’ve been doing an excessive amount of reading. After finishing Eat, Pray, Love (which I have lent to my new friend Emma) I started the first in the Millennium series, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and everything people have said about these books is true. I finished the 500 or so page book in about 4 days (in typical Leah fashion- I could probably read all 7 Harry Potter books in less than a week if I tried- oh wait, I have) and bought the second today. I also picked up a copy of The Great Gatsby which I LOVED reading back in Shuman’s class and perhaps it’s my nostalgia for America, but I want to give it a second go.

Emma, our other friend Holly, and myself are going to the Hunter Valley this weekend (I’ll either be there or back by the time I get around to actually posting this though I guess) and I am so excited to do a mini road trip and get out of the city. It’s only about 2 hours away from the Sydney but it’s a completely different world. I’ll be surrounded by some of the finest wine in Australia and I can’t wait to taste it all! We get back on Sunday sometime in the late afternoon where I go to the YHA again for a couple nights before I move into my new home in Glebe for the month. I’ve spent the past week next to the YHA at a different cheaper hostel and I can’t wait to get the fuck out of here and back to the 5 star hostel. I’d rather not dwell on the negatives and re-live how shitty this place was now that I’m leaving tomorrow morning, so I won’t go into it, but just know it was dirty and gross and there were rude Danish boys in my room who I wanted to punch in the face everyday.

I suppose that’s it for now. This was another doosie (how do you spell that??) but I’ve had a lot on my mind and keep forgetting to share it here. Also, just a reminder that I know it’s not as exciting that I’m in Australia anymore since I’ve been here just over a month now, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to hear from you! I got so many emails from people back home my first two weeks here and now when I check it’s mostly Ruelala which just depresses me because they don’t ship internationally. Even if you think you’re life is so boring there couldn’t possibly be anything to share, I still want to hear form you! Just say hi- it doesn’t have to be anything too epic. I miss you guys and America more than you know…