Saturday, March 19, 2011

"And I Will Write it Down For You"

For those who don't immediately recognize, the title of this post is from a Something Corporate song called "Miss America". That song just came on shuffle as I sit here being unproductive so I figured at the very least I owe my friends and family a blog update. To be perfectly honest, my life has taken on somewhat of a routine, which is why I've been lacking on the blog updates. There just isn't much exciting stuff to talk about anymore. Also, a lot of the adventures I've gone on have not been anything I feel like sharing on the internet. I've been having a lot of fun nights going out with my new roomies and stuff, St. Patty's day was especially fun. It's also nice (and makes me extremely nostalgic) waking up with friends and recapping the night before and laughing at our belligerentness. It makes me miss college and waking up from a night out only to crawl into Katie's bed and piece the night together before going to Annie's or the bistro for something to eat. Here, sausage rolls are the breakky of choice after a night out and I swear when I come back to America the first thing I'm gonna do is open up a sausage roll shop and I'm gonna make millions. They're basically ground sausage wrapped in a flaky pasty (I imagine them to be what hot pockets would taste like if they weren't shit). On the other hand, people in Australia (and apparently around the world) don't have solo cups. WTF?!?!!? Like, my Irish roomie asked me the other day, "so what's up with all the red cups in America?" It blew my mind to say the least. How do they play beirut? or flip cup? what's the middle cup in kings? how do you distribute beer at parties? or bbq's? or beer-bq's? This was 2 days ago and as you can see I'm still trying to process that bit of info. Also, British people call wallets purses and a purse is just a bag. And at the end of a sentence what we call a period they call a full stop. And a crosswalk is a zebra crossing. The worst part is I'm outnumbered by about 500 to 1 since there aren't any other American's in almost all of Australia so I look like the weirdo when really, we all know it's them.

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