Monday, March 7, 2011

Hunter Valley

I don’t really feel like blogging right now, but I’m just hanging out waiting to go get lunch and then go to the zoo so why not. I’m at the Hunter Valley and I have fallen in love with Australia and wine all over again. We took the bus here and before we could even check into the hostel we went on our first stop of wine tastings for the day. We went to four places all together and this one was probably my least favorite overall. It was all massed produced wine with gift shops and expensive shitty blends infused with fruit for the tourists. The other 3 places we visited were all locally grown and produced in the Hunter Valley and you could taste a difference. My favorite was the third one we visited and I got a DELICIOUS bottle of white wine. I know, I normally go for the red but this was aged perfectly and for discounted price of only $24 I couldn’t leave without it. We’re still here all day today and for most of tomorrow so I’m sure I’ll find a nice bottle of red by then- probably a shiraz since it’s so popular here. I also learned that apparently I have a developed palate and I can thank my parents for always letting me have “just a small sip” of their wine since as long as I can remember. Without them I would not have the same appreciation for this delicious drink so thanks mom and dad!

We also did a cheese tasting and oh my God you have not tasted cheese until you go to the Smelly Cheese Shop in the Hunter Valley and sample anything and everything they have. I WISH I had a permanent refrigerator because I would have bought them out of business. We might try to go back before we leave to sample more delicious stinky cheeses.

The wine, food and views here and breathtaking. If you are a fan of wine you cannot go through life without coming to Australia and visiting any one of the many wine areas here. Again, I’m sorry I don’t have a camera to share all of this with you, but Emma has been taking pictures and I have gotten her permission for you to add her as a friend on facebook so you can comment on them. 

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  1. so jealloussssssssss.

    i want stinky cheese and shiraz! i have a developed palate!