Friday, February 4, 2011

Bad Mood Blog

I don't know if it's the weather (which is currently 100 and its only 11am) or if everything I've done is finally starting to catch up with me and I'm just exhausted but today I am in a horrible mood. Two new asian girls have checked into my room and they are noisy and annoying as all fuck. Their luggage has taken over almost the entire floor space and one of them is STILL asleep in bed, snoring, probably because she was up on her fucking phone which wouldn't stop ringing all night in between her texting and click click clicking away. One of them is even sick and if she gets me sick I swear I punch her in the face.

Here's a funny story though about my night two nights ago which remembering might put me in a better mood. So there's a bar right below my hostel where most people go to party at night. The other night they did speed dating and I missed the first group but let me tell you, some of the most attractive people I've seen yet were going in this round. When it ended and they asked if I wanted to do the next round I enthusiastically said yes. What a mistake. One of the guys was mentally retarded (I'm not being mean, he actually WAS mentally retarded) another was about 300 pounds and spit in my face as he mumbled about who knows what, and one of the guys even got kicked out half way through because he was making the girls feel uncomfortable. As you could have guessed, I met no one interesting. After the speed dating though I did meet this one guy who I spent the rest of the night talking to and might even see again before I leave Sydney. We shall see.....

Yesterday I went on a walking tour with my hostel which was TONS of fun. Again I met a lot of cool people, but I also met a couple of jerks. This one Italian couple was much older (like our parents age) and on the sidewalks they say look right or look left so you know which way traffic is coming. I don't know if you've been to London, but it's the same there because not all of the world drives on the same side of the road. This couple noticed and says "Must be for the stupid Americans" I could have spit in their faces I was so offended and pissed off. I hope they go traveling in America and get hit by a bus because they looked the wrong way while trying to cross the road. There was also this guy from the Netherlands (I think) who made a few snide comments about me being American which I took as rude whether or not he meant it that way. These are the first and only anti-American things I've experienced and let me tell you, it never made me feel more patriotic. I wanted to shout a big FUCK YOU to all of them for their closed minds and ignorance.

Well this was slightly therapeutic. Tonight I'm going to dinner and then to see the Sydney Tower with the fourth girl in my room who I've been hanging out with a fair amount this week. It should be a lot of fun and should make up for my rotten mood.


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  2. stupid american haters...they're just jealous. The way you described that speed dating situation sounds HILARIOUS. wish i had seen it, haha. LOVE YOU!!!! have fun tonight!