Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Trip to Nimbin

Guess who finally took pictures with her camera! You’re going to have to wait for me to post them though because being a noob I only took about 7 pictures so I’m waiting until I have something more substantial more to post.

To fill you guys in I went kayaking with dolphins two days ago which was SO much fun! We technically didn’t see anything because the dolphins we saw were kind of far away so that means if I want to do it again I can for free. I’m not sure if I will though because it didn’t exactly help my sunburn. And trust me guys, I am applying lots of sunscreen! You just can’t help it here.

On a more exciting note, yesterday I did a day trip tour to Nimbin and had SOO much fun! Once again though, I felt pretty old riding on the bus with a bunch of 18-20 year olds, but I just tried to ignore them and their immature behavior. We left the hostel at around 10am and made a pit stop around 11am for beer. The way the law works in Australia (according to our bus driver, Jim, who was awesome) is that if the driver allows you to drink on the bus, you can. So we all stocked up on beer and got a little tipsy (well, I stayed sober even though I did drink a little, but the youngin’s got a little more riled up).

After the beer run he took us to this tiny waterfall where those of us who wanted went for a dip. Of course I went in because I had never swam in a waterfall before! It was nothing too exciting and the rocks were way too close for me to muster up enough courage to jump off one of the short cliffs into the pool below, but I swam in it enough to cross that off my bucket list.

We piled back onto the bus and finally set off for Nimbin! Again, because my parents read this, I’m censoring a lot of what happened, but if you want more about my amazing time just ask ;). For those of you who don’t know, Nimbin is a very small hippie town known for one thing. I spent my time walking around the small main street with my friend and then we sat in a café and talked to one of the locals who has lived in Nimbin for 7 years. I’m not sure where he was from originally, but we had a great time getting to see some of the local color.

So that’s been my past two days. The girl I’ve been hanging out with checked out last night so I’m once again alone. Two new girls moved into my room who are older (31 and 29) and they’re kinda weird. They seem nice, but they’re very weird. It’s not something I can really describe in my blog- you’d need to see them and talk to them yourselves.

OH! So last night we were all just sitting in our room and this one girls starts freaking out and apparently a gecko had found its way into our room! They’re pretty common out here, but that still doesn’t mean we want one in our room! Being stereotypical females we all panicked and found the first boy we could to get it out for us. That also reminds me- keep an eye out for when I do post pictures because when we stopped for BBQ lunch during my day trip to Nimbin we made friends with a 2 foot long lizard! It was soo cool!! But also slightly terrifying…


  1. LOVE crossing things off bucket lists! haha.

  2. ok. it has been 4 days...WHAT ARE YOU UP TO???