Monday, January 31, 2011

Australia is Awesome, Everything Else However Not So Much...

Hello again! I'm going to start with the bad so I can end this post on a good note because I honestly am having am amazing time here so far, but there are many little things that are making me just slightly miserable and are unavoidable.

First, I miss everyone in ways none of you even know. There is one person in particular that unfortunately has been on my mind because I hate how we left things. I know in time this will get eaiser to deal with, and I hoped coming here would take my mind off it but it seems to only make me feel worse.

Now as for my laptop. I just got back from the apple store and it looks like it will be OK but not for lack of sucking hardcore first. So all of my information is still there somehow, but I have managed to go through my THIRD harddrive. The woman said I just have really bad luck, but I'm starting to think that aple just fucking sucks cock. Excuse my language, but my one link back to home has been gone and making me very sad when I should be having a good time and not worrying about stupid things like getting to skype my parents. I had to buy an external HD because WHY would I pack mine from home? I have to go pick it up tomorrow and see what damage was done. There is a 1% chance I'll lose everything, so say a prayer with me to the apple gods that this won't happen. I'd rather not waste any extra emotion I have on a stupid computer.

That being said, Sydney is fantastic! As I mentioned before I met this kid Tchad from Canada who's pretty young and very much without a clue. He decided to come here spur of the moment and hasn't saved any money or made any sort of plan. It also doesn't seem like he's made an effort to find friends other than myself, which is fine, except we're not exactly on the same page when it comes to many things due to our age difference and his lack of research and planning on coming here. Last night though, I went to a BBQ held at my hostel and met some wicked cool Brits. They're my age and we get along great. It's hilarious for both of us as we make fun of our own clutural differences and bond over the new ones we share in Australia. One of the girls who is more outspoken than the rest has quite a mouth and throws out words that would be pretty innapropriate in the States, but luckily, as many of you know, I'm pretty hard to offend. I might hang out with them tonight if I can get a hold of them and I think we're going to try to go to Bondi beach tomorrow and then hit the bars in Kings Cross.

Today was the first day I got to do touristy things and I wish I had a data plan for my phone to post the pics I took, but hopefully that will remedy itself soon. (Just to clear things up, the sim card I got through my program only allows me to text and call other verizon phones and will not let me connect to the internet or have any data. When I get a chance I'm going to look into a Vodafone plan, but more updates on that to come). I went to the aquarium and Sydney wildlife center today. They were next to eachother and the wildlife place was basically like the aquarium but with animals. Without the pictures, it's not really worth going into great detail, but I saw a lot of cool stuff including sharks and kangaroos and lots of other stuff (detailed, I know, but I'm feeling lazy haha). After looking at all the animals I had lunch and walked back where I succesfully managed to turn my sholders and cheeks pink. I wouldn't call it a burn, but I'm sure if I end up at the beach tomorrow it will turn bright red.

On thursday I'm taking a RAS (responsible alcohol service) course so I can try to find a waitresing job. I booked the rest of the week at my hostel, but I need to do some research for a cheeper place to stay for the time being because I'd rather not pay the $40 a night I am now. When I stop to think about getting a job and a place to live I become extremely overhwlemed, but I need to keep thinking positive. Send me any positive vibes you can because it's times like that when I feel very alone :(

OK, I didn't want to end on a sad note. Opps... I'm off to facebook some more and then figure out a dinner plan. I miss you all more than you know!!


  1. One word, SUNBLOCK! Just remember the piles of snow, the smell of the fumes from the snow blower, the sound of your shovel hitting the brick steps, then hit the beach and smile...

  2. I second ur mom's comment, and... vodafone is awesome, I would recommend them for ur phone. Miss u!

    I want to see a kangaroo!
    I am so glad you met some British people, they are always funny haha. I am starting to think that you having skype will be a bad thing, because then you wont continue to write as many awesome blog posts! Promise me when everything with your computer works out (which it will) you will keep writing these posts. lol.

    Say hi to the world for me.

  4. Even the comments are worth commenting on! I'm with Katie about the Skype. It's nice to think that something good can come from something bad. (Computer) Love reading your posts too.....